Ciel Etoile

Project Write-up:

Julie & Gabriel: The title of our project was Ciel Etoile which means starry sky, our concept stems from the idea of an animated night sky fractured by the movement of the music.  We added moving fog to reference a Nordic environment, and set up a GUI to transition different visualizations to move through the narrative of the music played. We connected the percussionist to the fracturing of the background to visualize the breaking of the environment with the abrupt key points in the piece.  The double bass controlled the moving particles that was originally controlled by the GUI to move through the narrative of the song.

Namreta & Brendan:

This project was a collaborative effort between The New World Symphony in Miami and Parsons, MFA Design and Technology. These particular projects were an extension of the Collaboration Studio run last semester by Edward Keller and Joe Saavedra. The six students who worked on the project split into thee teams, two visualization teams and one hardware team.

The hardware team worked with the Fio v3 – ATmega32U4 ( a WiFly and a Accelerometer and Magnetometer sensor to capture movement and send the corresponding data over a networked connection to openFrameworks. The sensor captures six points of data, an x, y and z coordinate for each sensor. Each of these values were mapped to one bite of data and these were sent as string data, with sensor ID information, as each performance required multiple sensors for multiple performers. The string was parsed into two classes of vectors, one for the accelerometer and one for the magnetometer. These could then be used by the other two teams to create visualizations for two very distinct pieces.
The most difficult part of the process was linked to some of the challenges that the hardware itself presented, however once resolved the light design made it the ideal piece. Going forward another challenge that could be researched would be some of the inherent delays of sending network data.


Wifly wristlets:

DSC_2247 DSC_2245





Double Bass & Percussion Performance: IMG_1500

2014-03-09 11.43.25

2014-03-09 15.23.35  

Backstage Magic:


Bernardo’s Piece:


String Quartet Performance:IMG_1570

2014-03-08 12.58.12

2014-03-09 15.50.27

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