Duck Dreams

Duck Dreams: Director’s Cut from Julie Huynh on Vimeo.

Title: Duck Dreams Director’s Cut
Medium: Macromedia Flash Animation Projected Using Photographs, Paintings, & Video
Duration: 00:00:43
Year: 2005
• Directed by Julie Huynh & Loren Lacap
• Flash Animation by Julie Huynh & Loren Lacap
• Story, Sounds, Drip Painting, Duck Drawings, & Squiggle Drawings by Julie Huynh
• Space Paintings & Cave Photos by Loren Lacap
• Video of Bathtub Scene, and Chihuahua Photos by Emily Landsman
Description: Originally created in a collaborative class project to be viewed with other classmates’ animations, the class was divided up into teams to each produce an animation for a fairytale theme. My team created a parody of Star Wars with ducks and Chihuahuas. This is an edited version from the original, reconstructed to display my initial conception of ducks in space deriving from Squeaky, the rubber duck’s dream.

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