Squiggly Series

  • Squiggle Window4 Drawings of Charcoal on Paper, 36” x 50” (2005)
  • Cave DiveAcrylic on Canvas, 16” x 20” (2006)
  • Chinese Garden InvasionAcrylic on Canvas, 48” x 54” (2005)
  • Lookout TowerAcrylic and Pencil on Canvas, 36” x 36” (2011)
  • Squiggle StepsAcrylic and Pencil on Canvas, 42” x 48” (2005)
  • Wall InvasionAcrylic and Pencil on Canvas, 48” x 48” (2006)
  • Drip Over the HorizonAcrylic on Canvas, 48” x 48” (2004)
  • Drip DreamsAcrylic on Two Canvases and Fishing Line, 18” x 18” & 48” x 48” (2010)
Squiggle Window1 Cave Dive2 Chinese Garden Invasion3 Lookout Tower4 Squiggle Steps5 Wall Invasion6 Drip Over the Horizon7 Drip Dreams8
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Squiggle Invasion from Julie Huynh on Vimeo.

Title: Squiggle Invasion
Medium: Macromedia Flash Animation Using Paintings and Drawings
Duration: 00:00:16
Dimensions: 16” x 20” & 48” x 54”
Year: 2006
Description: An earlier adaptation of combining animation with landscape paintings from my travels to China and Vietnam during my study abroad, I began with the “Squigglies” diving through the cave scape, and then guide the viewer out of the cave to the Chinese garden where there is a fight with the “Squigglies” and Chlorophyll to signify the infringement if industrialization upon nature. The “Squigglies” represent humans in the new industrial China, and the Chlorophyll represent China’s old farming culture. This foretells the industrialization that follows in Vietnam.

Squiggle War from Julie Huynh on Vimeo.

Title: Squiggle War
Medium: Macromedia Flash Animation Projected on Painting
Duration: 00:00:28
Dimensions: 36” x 36” & 48” x 48”
Year: 2011
Description: This animation demonstrates the “Squigglies” invading and taking over the wall, as the Chlorophyll march in from the outlying hills to battle them. The “Squigglies” parody the historical attacks of the Huns breaching the Great Wall. The Chlorophyll and “Squigglies” battle ends with a merged alien species generating a new race where artificial human influences and nature become one.

Drip Dreams from Julie Huynh on Vimeo.

Title: Drip Dreams
Medium: Macromedia Flash Animation Projected on Paintings
Duration: 00:00:31
Dimensions: 18” x 18” & 48” x 48”
Year: 2010
Description: Journeying through Asia from 2007-2008, this piece was a journey through dreams of my past navigating through its hazardous roads. Emulating my dreams that transpire within dreams, I replicate the view of the driver in the driver’s seat with the smaller overlaid canvas representing a rearview mirror portal into a concurrently occurring dream. The rearview mirror transitions through photos of my travels to steer through slippery dreams of the past, and emphasizes the conflict to maintain control with the “Squigglies” invading the scenery.

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