Squiggly Stills

Squiggle Window

Title: Squiggle Window
Medium: 4 Drawings of Charcoal on Paper
Dimensions: 36” x 50”
Year: 2005
Description: A development of my abstracted sketches, I characterized the creatures in these drawings as “Squigglies.” I created a window with 4 drawings to replicate my perspective of the world through these characters.

Cave Dive

Title: Cave Dive
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 16” x 20”
Year: 2010
Description: From the inside of the cave looking out in Vietnam near the border of Cambodia, I produced these painting with the intention to animate the “Squigglies” spelunking in the cave.

Chinese Garden Invasion

Title: Chinese Garden Invasion
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 48” x 54”
Year: 2005
Description: Entranceway of a garden in China, a staple in Chinese garden landscapes, the encroachment of the “Squigglies” upon an ancient landscape signifies the abstraction of creating new landscapes with old. The organic entangling shapes of these creatures resemble a window into the alien undergrowth of modernization in the garden.

Lookout Tower

Title: Lookout Tower
Medium: Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas
Dimensions: 36” x 36”
Year: 2010
Description: This painting was constructed a few years after the original series to create the premise of the wall invasion animation, and lead the narrative into the story. It exhibits my past style of using pencil line to connote the decaying stones in the Great Wall.

Squiggle Steps

Title: Squiggle Steps
Medium: Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas
Dimensions: 42” x 48”
Year: 2005
Description: The first piece of my Great Wall landscapes, I experimented with using pencil in the painting to denote the deterioration of this phenomenal man-made object through time, and becoming recaptured by nature.

Wall Invasion

Title: Wall Invasion
Medium: Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas
Dimensions: 48” x 48”
Year: 2006
Description: The next piece in my Great Wall landscapes, I produced this scene specifically to be the background of my animated projection. Continuing the theme of decay with pencil lines, I added another aspect of corrosion by wiping gesso over the pencil lines to exemplify the vulnerability of the subject matter and painting’s disintegration over time.

Drip Over The Horizon

Title: Drip Over The Horizon
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 48” x 48”
Year: 2004
Description: This painting was the inspiration of the animated shorts that encompass the evolving story of my “Squigglies” characters and their endeavors through their world. It derived from my “Squigglies” drawings to become my stepping-stone into abstract landscape.

Drip Dreams

Title: Drip Dreams
Medium: Acrylic on Two Canvases and Fishing Line
Dimensions: 18” x 18” & 48” x 48”
Year: 2010
Description: This painting was produced using drip techniques that I had matured from my Drip Over the Horizon painting. Aiming to imitate driving through the rain, this experimental painting overlays one canvas on top of another to simulate a viewing portal, as a driver’s perception would be in the driver’s seat with the rearview mirror to the right.

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